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Roofing & Storm Damage Repair Experts

Our team is ready to repair your storm damaged or hail damaged roof now!  We are a very reputable company that does quality work and low rates.  You should choose our company because:

  • We are A+ BBB Rated
  • We offer 5 year to lifetime warranties on our labor as well as the roofing materials
  • All work performed by our own employees….no subcontractors!
  • We can give you a FREE ESTIMATE in just 24-48 hours
  • Repairs are competed in just ½ day to 1 ½ days


Who Are We?

Roofing by Stacy Pearson was established in 2000, following in my father's footsteps as a roofing contractor. We ended up in business together in Austin, and we work hard together to provide quality roofing repair services for Texas residents. We specialize in storm and hail damage repair: if your home has been damaged by the recent storm, we can help.


Hand-nailing services

We're also one of the few companies who offer hand-nailing. Hand-nailing is installing a roof completely by hand. From setting the shingles to placing the nails to actually nailing them down, everything is done manually. It allows for maximum control, more so than power tools.

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